This section collates excerpts from the work of influential Chinese scholars about existential risks: risks that threaten the destruction of humanity's long-term potential through, for instance, outright human extinction or permanent civilizational decline.

All of the curated scholars recognize the development of powerful technologies, especially advanced artificial intelligence, as among the most serious existential risks we face as humanity.

Huaihong HE ︎︎︎

  • Professor of the Department of Philosophy and Director of the Ethics Teaching and Research Section, Peking University 
  • Author of Social Ethics in a Changing China - Moral Decay or Ethical Awakening?

Zhouying JIN ︎︎︎

  • Senior researcher and professor, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) 
  • President and founder of the Beijing Academy of Soft Technology 
  • Author of Global Technological Change: From Hard Technology to Soft Technology 

Chinese Perspectives
on Existential Risks from AI

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